Information and tips to build your resilience and recipes that are easy to make and inspired by cuisines from around the world.

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Recipes that let you explore foods from around the world. We have modified the recipes to be healthier, easier to make and involve fewer ingredients when possible.

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Barbara Spalding MS, RDN, Culinary Dietitian

I’m Barbara Spalding, Food Writer, Second Career Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Wife, Mother, Daughter And Friend.

In my first career, I started and grew a health insurance brokerage and consultancy. After 12 years, I sold the business and took my career in a new direction. I enrolled at Rutgers university and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I had found my Second Act. I followed my passion for food and cooking as a Culinary Dietitian.

I have also lived a double life with chronic breast cancer for over 14 years. In my “real life” I am a Culinary Registered Dietitian with a passion to cook healthy international cuisine, but in my “other life,” I am a long term breast cancer patient and survivor. And sometimes, on treatment days, or when I am not feeling well, my two lives collide. Sometimes this collision interferes with pursuing my purpose in life - my passion for cooking and helping others build resilience to pursue their own dreams.

I believe food should be easy to prepare and that enjoying a nice meal with friends or family, and good conversation, is one of the great pleasures of life. Whether you are also in your second act or simply looking for inspiration to use in your kitchen, I’m on a mission to share everything I’ve learned about food, recipes, and nutrition with you.

Come join me in Breast Cancer Wonderland

What is Breast Cancer Wonderland?

Breast cancer wonderland is the world you enter when you are first diagnosed. I call it a wonderland because having long-term chronic breast cancer is just like the trip down the rabbit hole that Alice took so very long ago. I’ve faced the many twists and turns inherent in managing the disease, and Alice has often come to mind. Your life keeps changing throughout your journey, just like when the hedgehogs keep getting up to move when you are trying to play croquet..

For many women, receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever experience. I know it was for me.  I started on my journey in 2004, and at that time would never have believed I’d still be here, writing about my experience more than 14 years later.

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Join me in our journey down the rabbit hole. We’ll have some laughs, shed some tears, and emerge stronger as a result.  RESILIENCE is key. You CAN do this.

Let’s get started. Click on the rabbit hole to enter this world.


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