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Berry Sabayon Gratin at FNCE 2013

Berry Sabayon FNCE 2013

This was dessert, a Sabayon Berry Gratin, at the Kids’ Eat Right Gala held on Monday night at FNCE, the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  FNCE is the annual meeting of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and involves near total immersion into the world of nutrition and food for a marathon three and a half days. There were so many wonderful experiences throughout the conference that it is hard to really explain it all in one short post…rest assured, many of the things I heard and saw will no doubt infuse my writing in coming weeks.

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The Mighty Kiwi


Shopping for food the other day I found myself in the produce section of my local market face-to-face with a bountiful display of beautiful fuzzy brown/green kiwis.   I happen to like kiwis a lot, and think they make a good snack in the afternoon or at breakfast when you want something that is “just a little different” to spice up your day.

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Why I eat steel cut oatmeal

Grandma O’Malley had curly bright red hair no doubt maintained by her hairdresser in later years, a fondness for hairnets, a tiny house on a nondescript street in a small city in the midwest, and an upright spinet piano that she played on Saturday nights when the dishes were done and the food had been put away.  She had learned to quilt at a very young age from her grandmother, and was very proud of the handmade antique quilts that adorned every chair and sofa in her house.  She was very loving, was always ready with a hug and a smile, and she always served me steel cut oats. I didn’t get to see her very often because we lived so far away, but the memory of those visits lives on…

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Mango, Papaya and Avocado Salsa

Here’s my recipe for the Mango, Papaya, Avocado Salsa that I serve with West African Style Peanut Stew.  Inspired by West African cooking — it’s easy to make if you can find a mango and papaya at your local market.  This salsa has a sweet savory flavor profile with delicate papaya overtones.  The first time I made it, it was a pleasant surprise in terms of its complexity and sophistication. One dish that it would work very well with, aside from the West African Style Peanut Stew, is grilled fish.  I’m still exploring other ways to use this salsa, let me know if you have other ideas…

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