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Weekend Brunch: Tomato and Sardine Tarte Tatin

My history with tarte tatin dates back to some of my earlier culinary classes and involved either apples or pears slow cooked in a lot of butter and some sugar in a metal skillet on top of the stove. You topped the browned fruit with a round of puff pastry or a piece of rich and buttery tart crust and then baked the whole thing in a hot oven for 30 minutes or more  to allow the crust to cook and brown.

In this savory version I started with wonderful red and yellow fresh tomatoes from our summer garden.  I added the sardines (as inspired by Mme. Quévremont) and fresh herbs, and used a commercially prepared puff pastry sheet for my crust.  When the dish  finished baking, I added goat cheese crumbles as an accent for the top and served it immediately while still warm from the oven.

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Weeknight Quick and Easy: Indian Spiced Turkey Pita Pockets

It’s Wednesday — time to cook dinner again!  One dish I like to make is Indian Spiced Turkey Pita Pockets, made with ground turkey breast and frozen vegetables.  I first learned how to make this dish a few years ago in a local cooking class and have modified it over the years to its current version.  The ingredients are typically things you can easily keep on hand, and it does not take a lot of time to put this dish together.  This recipe makes enough for 10 servings (1 serving = 1/2 filled pita), so it is a great choice if you like Indian spices and like to cook once and eat twice.

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