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Weeknight Quick and Easy: Planked Salmon with Mustard Dill Sauce

I like to grill salmon, even in the winter months, as a way to break up the weekly routine of stews and soups we tend to cook when the temperature drops outside.  I originally saw this recipe, or something like it, on one of the cooking shows several years ago.  I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but it is a dish that has become a regular part of our menu lineup that we make again and again and again, on at least a monthly basis.

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Edamame with Onion

By Sue Sing Lim, MS, RDN, LDN

I recently stumbled upon delicious immature frozen soybeans at the supermarket and have loved them ever since. Originally from Japan, edamame themselves are very flavorful so you do not have to add too much spice or seasonings to make them taste good. Edamame are sold both shelled and unshelled. You can purchase them in the frozen section of your market; fresh edamame are hard to find in the US. 

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