The Markets of Aix-en-Provence

Aix Artichokes and Cherries

In honor of Bastille Day, which is today, come with me to the produce markets of Aix en Provence.  I had occasion to visit the markets a few weeks ago during a short visit and would like to share my trip with you today in this mini “vacation”  from weekly recipes and nutrition tips.

When you enter the marketplace at Aix, and there are several, you are quickly overwhelmed by the beautiful array of fruits and vegetables for sale.  It is hard to decide where to begin as the choices are many, and everything looks so good.

In early summer you can buy fruits, like strawberries and cherries….

Aix Strawberries and Cherries

fresh apricots…

Aix Apricots

and melons and pears.

Aix Melons and Pears

You can also buy all sorts of locally harvested vegetables including artichokes (do you eat artichokes?)….

Aix Artichokes


Aix Asparagus

and garlic and leeks.

Aix Garlic

And, don’t forget the lettuces…

Aix Lettuces


Aix Radishes

and zucchini.

Aix Zucchini

Happy Bastille Day!  I hope you too will have a chance to visit the markets of Aix en Provence sometime soon!

Aix Street

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