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Breast Cancer Wonderland

We are strong and resilient and we can do this. We are not victims.

While I am a culinary dietitian, and love to cook, my passion is to use what I’ve learned both through my own personal experience, and from my scientific and clinical training to help demystify the disease and help you understand what having acute or chronic breast cancer is really like. You are NOT a victim, and you can help yourself.

Today a breast cancer diagnosis need NOT be an automatic death sentence. More and more scientific breakthroughs are happening every day. Millions of women live full lives for many years while having this disease.

Join me by heading down the rabbit hole, we’ll explore this world together. We’ll explore easy ways to keep you more comfortable during treatment. How to plan for treatment days and weeks for that you, and your family, are well taken care of as you enter your journey. We’ll also explore some of the confusing information that’s out there about the relationships between breast cancer, nutrition and lifestyle. 

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Lifestyle and Health

Comfort Foods


Physical Activity


Support and Connection

Mindfulness and Meditation

Stress Reduction

Managing Side Effects

Appetite and Digestion

Overcoming Fatigue

Other Side Effects

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Once more Alice found herself in the long hall, and close to the little glass table. "Now, I'll manage better this time," she said to herself, and began by taking the little golden key, and unlocking the door that led into the garden...

Meet Barbara!

I’m Barbara Spalding, Culinary Dietitian, who has lived with chronic breast cancer for over 14 years. In addition to my clinical and scientific training to become an RDN, I have a BA and MA in International Relations.  I grew up in a family which often entertained guests from overseas and have been fortunate to travel to a number of countries around the world.

I’ve always been fascinated by how people eat in different parts of the world. What spices they use, what is their dietary pattern, what is their main source of protein, and specialties they enjoy on festival days and other holidays.

I believe food should be easy to prepare and that enjoying a nice meal with friends or family, and good conversation, is one of the great pleasures of life.

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Resilience starts with a decision

Resilience is an unshakeable belief that even in the darkest of hours, everything is going to work out. At times it can be tough to hang onto this belief. When first diagnosed, tears of sadness and fears of the future, are typically the initial emotions you experience. If you don’t have much resilience before the beginning of your life-changing journey, it is important to learn to develop it to ease your transition to your new life.

Learn more about my approach to strengthening resilience.


Get back into the light when things feel dark…

Use visualization to put your mind at ease — download now.

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Treatment-friendly Comfort Foods

Breast Cancer Treatment Friendly foods include recipes that provide the nutrition necessary for keeping you resilient and your body strong during treatment. They range from meals to settle your stomach to recipes meant to soothe your soul.

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