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Maintaining health and balance in the body is essential to sustaining a positive lifestyle, especially during treatment or other major life challenges. With 14+ years of experience with breast cancer, I want to share my trials, tips, and suggestions with you. It’s my passion to help you navigate your health and lifestyle in the breast cancer wonderland.

A journal for your journey

When you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, you might find it helpful to start keeping a health ...

Why did I get breast cancer? Was it my diet?

This may seem like a funny place to start a site about breast cancer, but I find ...

How to help someone who was just diagnosed with breast cancer

Please, don’t bring food, especially large food. Let me clarify that, please don’t bring food that the ...
Barbara Spalding RDN Culinary Dietitian

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Barbara Spalding MS, RDN, Culinary Dietitian

As a dietitian and world traveler, I love bold flavors — in food and in life. 14 years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole into Breast Cancer Wonderland. Since then, I’ve learned to cook differently while savoring the pleasures of food and companionship. I’ve built a resilient new life and a bold new kitchen. Let me show you the flavors of the world.
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Breast Cancer WonderlandTM

Are you or a loved one experience Breast Cancer. Find encouragement, tips and recipes to support the journey.