Managing Side Effects

What’s chemo like?

One question I often get from people is "what's chemo like"?  If you haven’t already started chemotherapy, ...

On Losing Your Hair

If you have chemotherapy, you will quite likely temporarily lose your hair.  The first time this happens ...

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Barbara Spalding MS, RDN, Culinary Dietitian

As a dietitian and world traveler, I love bold flavors — in food and in life. 14 years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole into Breast Cancer Wonderland. Since then, I’ve learned to cook differently while savoring the pleasures of food and companionship. I’ve built a resilient new life and a bold new kitchen. Let me show you the flavors of the world.
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Breast Cancer Wonderland

Are you or a loved one experience Breast Cancer. Find encouragement, tips and recipes to support the journey.