A Snack For Every Day of the Year*

365 Snacks for Every Day of the YearDo you ever need a snack and just can’t decide what you want?  Sarah Koszyk, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in California, can help you out. Her new book,  365 Snacks for Every Day of the Year, is packed with easy to make snacks, all of which are under 250 calories.

The first chapter covers the importance of snacking. Sarah explains that research suggests that “nutritious snacks can actually help to control weight and improve overall health.”  Contrary to the old mantra that snacking causes weight gain, snacks which are nutritionally balanced, with more fiber and adequate protein, actually can help you maintain or possibly even lose weight.


Benefits of snacking

Benefits of nutritious snacking include optimizing energy, reducing your sugar cravings, and helping control your hunger levels.  Sarah describes how nutritious snacking helps control a hormone we make in our body called ghrelin. Ghrelin tells your body you are hungry.  She explains more about ghrelin in the book in an easy to read and straightforward manner. You don’t need a science degree to understand it.

The book contains some classic favorites such as veggies with dip, oatmeal with fresh blueberries and fresh broccoli and hummus, along with some innovative ideas that will add to the variety in your diet.  For example, have you tried sugar snap peas with Tzatziki, dried apricots with Brazil nuts or a combination of two Peruvian powerfoods (dried pichuberries with sacha inchi seeds)?

What if you have to buy your snack at a convenience store?

For long car rides, or air travel,  where you might not be able to bring your own snacks along, she also includes a helpful chapter on snack ideas about what to buy at a convenience store.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Sarah’s book to review. The link in this post is a link to Amazon where you may purchase the book. I do not receive any compensation if you decide to buy Sarah’s book.



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