Exercise is good for your bones

It’s cold outside!  Wexercise is good for the boneshen I stepped outside this morning for my walk-run, and repeated the universal mid-life mantra of women everywhere weight bearing exercise– good for the bones, weight bearing exercise — good for the bones…”,  I suddenly realized I was cold.  For a second I thought about making a quick retreat back inside to my warm and comfortable kitchen for another cup of coffee, but in the end decided to press on…after all the mantra was still pounding in my head weight bearing exercise — good for the bones….  There was no escape.

As I Got Going, My Heart Began To Pump And My Blood Started Flowing

So I took my run-walk and found that as I got moving, my heart began to pump and my blood started flowing.  After about a mile, I wasn’t quite so cold anymore, and by now I was beginning to enjoy the sparkle of early morning sunshine on the trees.  Glad to be out at the start of a bright crisp day, I remembered why I like to exercise in the early morning on days when I’ve had enough sleep.

Exercise is also good for your heart, your mental health, reducing your risk of developing diabetes, certain cancers, stress reduction and more.

I have my  favorite running shoes which don’t make me go any faster, but which feel comfortable and I can wear them for a long time. If it’s a chilly day, a good hat and gloves can help keep you warm, and lightweight long underwear helps provide another layer to keep you warm.

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