Living in Wonderland

There’s always something new around the corner; Just like Alice, you can only go forward. Circumstances constantly change around you and you still have to figure out where to go next, what to eat, and how to live boldly despite your diagnosis.

This has been a difficult couple of weeks.  I started on a new chemo regimen. My bowels are unstable. Sometimes they are fine, other times, not so much.  I have unpredictable nosebleeds in the middle of the night. I’ve had to put a temporary hold on some of my regular medications to avoid interactions while my doctor figures out the timing of when each medication hits my system.

Need I continue?

One tip I’ve learned is to slow things down.  Take a warm bath, take a nap, read a book, listen to some gentle music, go outside and take a short walk in the sunshine. Try sipping a soothing cup of ginger tea.  Or have a warm bowl of carrot ginger soup.

I want to tell you something I tell myself in moments like these…

I am strong and can get through this. This is a temporary problem that can be managed.

What are some things you do to overcome discomfort?  Please add a comment with your ideas. You are not alone in your journey and you can help someone else by adding to this discussion.

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