Life Goes On: Inspire Others Facing Breast Cancer

Winners of Life RibbonHave you joined the  “Life Goes On” Honor Roll yet?

Life goes on despite your diagnosis of and treatment for breast cancer. When we are first diagnosed, we are often full of fear of the future and fear of the unknown.  The idea behind the honor roll is to remind us (yes, I sometimes need reminding too), that life isn’t over just because of breast cancer.

Life is an incredible journey

You never know what’s around the corner next.  It might be good news, it might be bad. Regardless, you are strong and capable and will get through whatever life throws your way.

What happens if I join the honor roll?

When you add your story to the honor roll you will begin to receive my periodic newsletter so you’ll be sure to not miss any of the latest posts from  Your entry is only marked with your initials; so no one will know that it’s you, and your email address will not be published.

The Life Goes on Honor Roll is a way to recognize your joy and your wonderful life, despite the breast cancer. You’ll also get the pleasure of knowing you will be helping someone else who has breast cancer. Someone who might need some inspiration to get over their fears and begin to live their life again after their diagnosis.

Life doesn’t end when you are told you have this disease.  Your new life is just beginning.

So sign up, be proud, share your joy with our community. Help inspire others who join you on this journey.


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